Fall 2021 Online Workshop with Rebecca Tolley – Safety, Brave Spaces, and Self-Care & Big Trauma, Little Trauma, and the Trauma-Informed Framework

Cover of book A Trauma Informed Approach to Library Services

Monday, December 6 11:00am – 12:30pm & Monday, December 6 2:00pm – 3:30pm

Register for morning, afternoon, or both sessions by Monday, November 29th, at https://bit.ly/INCOLregistration (capitalization required)

No registration fee for employees of INCOL member libraries since attendance is subsidized by those libraries
$25 for non-INCOL members and $5 for library tech students

Morning Session

Safety, brave spaces, and self-care – Monday, December 6 11:00am – 12:30pm on Zoom

How safe do you feel in your library? How safe do your patrons feel? This session discusses safety from various perspectives and how we can create and sustain safety for everyone’s benefit. Creating safe spaces leads to growing brave spaces and what that means for libraries. Finally, self care is essential for all library workers these days and we’ll discuss how and why to say no more than you say yes as well as the idea of collective care. There will be time for sharing, questions, and answers as well as opportunities for participants to assess their feelings of safety in the workplace, inventory their current self-care plans and develop plans going forward. 

Afternoon Session

Big trauma, little trauma, and the trauma-informed framework – Monday, December 6 2:00pm – 3:30pm on Zoom

Are all traumas the same? How do they affect individuals and groups? We’ll cover information about the experience of trauma and how it manifests; How to recognize trauma responses, re-traumatization, and PTSD; and explore the trauma-informed framework as a means for understanding and responding to survivors which includes our patrons and ourselves. Time is planned for sharing, questions, and answers and participants can score their experiences of trauma for better managing their lives and health outcomes.

Photo of Rebecca Tolley

Rebecca Tolley is a professor and librarian at East Tennessee State University. She coordinates the Sherrod Library’s research consultation service. She speaks and publishes on topics such as organizational culture, customer service, and cultivating empathy in library workers. She co-edited Generation X Librarian: Essays on Leadership, Technology, Pop Culture, Social Responsibility and Professional Identity (2011) and Mentoring in Librarianship: Essays on Working with Adults and Students to Further the Profession (2011). Her writing has appeared in anthologies, several library journals, and numerous reference works.

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