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Songs to Read! Books to Sing! (4 STARS Credits)

Jim Gill photoJim Gill is best known for his music recordings and his books with musical themes. His latest recording, Music Play for Folks of All Stripes, was named a 2012 Notable Children’s Recording by the American Library Association/ALSC. This is Jim’s fifth work to receive this honor over the years.

Jim is also, however, a child development specialist. His goal in this session is to emphasize the many connections between music play, literacy and various domains of early childhood development. Connections between music and early literacy become clear as Jim Gill shares clever word play and rhymes in the context of active movement games.

Librarians in youth services and early childhood professionals will be sure to find many new ideas to enhance storytimes and children’s programming. Jim will share music and play that can be utilized with preschoolers as well as with infants, toddlers, and parents.

Be prepared to “Do Re Mi” on your “Toe Leg Knee” and bring a repertoire of musical play back to the young ones at your library, school…..or home.

Sponsored in part by the Eastern Washington Association for the Education of Young Children

Friday, March 1st, 2013

Moran Prairie Library
6004 S. Regal St
Spokane, WA 99223
Phone: 509-893-8340

Morning Session: 8am-12pm
Afternoon Session: 1pm-5pm

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INCOL CE Committee met Friday, Jan. 18, 2013

The draft meeting minutes from January 18 are below as well as posted here. The approved meeting minutes from December 10, 2012 are posted on the Continuing Education Committee Meeting Minutes page.

INCOL CE Committee Meeting Minutes 01/18/2013

(In attendance: Kelly Jenks, Teah Chadderdon, Paula Swan, Marilyn Johnson, Peggy Bryan, Dana Dalrymple, Carlie Hoffman)

Meeting minutes from 12/10/12 approved with the addendum that the current budget stands at $1600.

Report from leadership team
- chair rotation proposal was approved with the addendum that Gonzaga University Library and Gonzaga Law School Library would be incorporated and University of Idaho Library and University of Idaho Law School Library would be incorporated
o Carlie Hoffman will update the roster and post on the website (
- the Committee approved as the new mission statement: The mission of the Inland Northwest Council of Libraries Continuing Education Committee (INCOL CE Committee) is to provide educational and leadership opportunities for library personnel in support of improved library services for people in Eastern Washington and North Idaho.
o Carlie Hoffman will post the new mission statement on the committee’s about page
- position descriptions will be written for the following positions: past chair/secretary, current chair, upcoming chair, web master, registrar
o Paula Swan, Janine Odlevak, Kelly Jenks, and Carlie Hoffman will meet to discuss these positions and write descriptions
- planning steps document will be created by Kelly Jenks to outline a list of tasks and timeframes for planning workshops
- an annual report will be created each year at the end of a chair’s term outlining what was accomplished during that year
o this will commence at the end of Kelly Jenk’s term
- discussion of creating Committee goals was discussed and will be brought back for discussion at a future date
- working with other organizations to sponsor workshops was discussed to broaden the Committee’s reach
o the Committee will not be providing sponsorship funds to SCLD for a program due to time restraints and lack of input from the directors regarding sponsorship
o Kelly Jenks will contact the directors for feedback regarding possible sponsorships and/or cooperative workshops in the future
- tribal libraries will be contacted by Paula Swan, Janine Odlevak, and Teah Chadderdon to build relationships with the Committee to cross-promote and offer educational opportunities
- formalizing a promotional plan to contact organizations and individuals regarding upcoming workshops will be discussed at an upcoming leadership meeting
o potential new contacts: Eastern State Hospital, Airway Heights Corrections Center, Fairchild Air Force Base, email discussion lists
- Doodle will continue to be used to survey potential meeting dates and times
- Kelly Jenks emailed Hans Bynagle to inquire what will happen with the INCOL treasurer position after he retires
o response from Hans is pending
o this position may need to be filled by someone from a private institution
- marketing documents must not use the word “free”, “no charge” or “no registration fee” is preferred

Upcoming workshop for Spring 2013
- target dates are April 1 – April 12
o Kelly Jenks will email the Committee for feedback regarding this date range
- possible topics
o innovations in our profession
 RDA, devices, social media, open source
o communication between IT and librarians by presenter Carson Block
- possible locations
o Colfax, Spokane Public Library, Riverpoint, Bozarth, Gonzaga

INCOL Continuing Education Committee current mission statement

The mission of the Continuing Education Committee is to plan and implement library-specific continuing education programs for a broad range of libraries within the INCOL community. Our goal for programming is to address current issues, recognizing the changing nature of the workforce, service roles, and user populations. We achieve this by providing a variety of programs for all levels of staff offering a balance between specific and broad, and technical and human topics. The committee is committed to working with the available budget and being responsive to feedback from attendees, staff and the INCOL Board.